The CAA e-Exams

Written by Karl Bunyan
Updated 3 years ago

All PPL Ground School exams in the UK are now taken through the CAA's e-Exam System. This differs from the old system in that there is now a much larger question bank, and questions are randomised (rather than being one of three non-changing papers). The syllabus, however, is the same.

At PPL Tutor we've always believed that the best way to prepare for the exams was also the best way to prepare for flying i.e. learn the material rather than just the answers. Although we realise that being able to practice the exact exams before you sit them "for real" is a real benefit, the larger question bank means that 1) there are many more questions a student would have to attempt to memorise, if that was how they wanted to pass and 2) it's much harder for any exam application to mirror that database.

Given that, we are taking the approach of expanding both our question banks and our revision content so we can help you to learn the subject, not just the questions.

Plus, of course, we provide all Air Law content for free. As this is generally the first exam to be taken then, as before, the best approach is to study and practice for this exam with PPL Tutor and if you think the application has helped you to pass then you can consider paying for the other subjects.

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