Accessing content on multiple devices: app store purchases

Accessing your PPL Tutor account on multiple devices, if you bought from the app store
Written by Karl Bunyan
Updated 3 years ago
This article is for people who bought content through the App Store or Google Play on a mobile device

If you bought content through the App Store or Google Play then you may not have a PPL Tutor account. This means you won't see your content on other platforms, even if you later create an account with us using the same email address that you originally bought with.

In order to access content on multiple devices, having bought from an app store:

1. Open the app on which all the content is unlocked

2. Go to "Settings"

3. Tap "Register" and create an account

This should sync your purchases with our database - meaning you'll never lose them.

To access your content on any other mobile device or on the website simply log on with the email and password that you registered with.

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